No doubt there are angels amongst us. God gifted me three in my children! I learn more important stuff from them and feel more joy on a daily basis than I did in all the years preceding motherhood. Combined with the other angels that cross my path on a daily basis, I consistently feel as though I'm living a glorified life.

I am Maggie -- Jill of all trades: Stay-at-Home-Mom, Non-professional Teacher (General and Special Ed), Amateur Therapist (OT, PT, Speech), Closet Artist, Part-time Blogger, Freelance General Contractor, and Handy Ma'am for hire... Whatever is called for on any given day is my vocation. My husband, formerly known as "The Captain", recently jumped ship... he's now known as "Sarg". "My Old Soul", 8, is the angel sent to help me with "The Boys", my nearly 5-yr-old identical twins who also happen to have been blessed with an extra chromosome (aka: Down syndrome).

Some hear of our situation and mistakenly pity us. While I cannot magically correct their erroneous thinking, I can advocate on behalf of my boys and I can write here... introducing you all to this absolutely wonderful phenomenon I call my life.

This blog is dedicated to my family, my angels, and all the richness they bring to my life.