Monday, November 24, 2008

Embracing Our Differences

I belong to a message group of mothers of multiples where one or more has Down syndrome. That's a relatively small group as you can imagine. And, as much as we all have in common, there are distinct differences amongst us and how we handle the details of our lives. In another small support group I belong to, the common thread is that we all have a child with "special needs" attending a particular school. In both groups recently, there's been discussion about medications, nutritional supplements and/or special diets, and various other treatments for our children's afflictions. Please note, not all of the children I'm referring to have Down syndrome. That's not really the point I'm trying to make here...

I don't intend to discuss any of these methods, nor to support or detract from any of these methods, nor to condone "treatment" versus "non-treatment" for our children's afflictions. MY POINT IS that we are all different. Each of us has the freedom to choose. And each has the choice to do or not do what they believe is right for their child.

In both groups, the discussions were absolutely intelligent, well-thought out and considerate and accepting of alternative points of view. My hats off to all of these parents, from all over the country, from all walks of life, having an educational and civil discussion of such intimate matters. You are all a shining example of how and why our children will be accepted into this society if not now, then, I tend to believe, sooner than later! Our ability to see, understand and accept the differences between our own opinions will surely help others understand and accept the differences in our children. As much as we are all different... we are more the same!

Thank you all for being so accepting. It bodes well for our children.

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