Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ANGELS AMONGST US - Angels & Families

Yet again, I apologize for my absence to you all and to myself. I made a BIG mistake taking a break from blogging which, effectively, turned out to be like taking a break from my happiness. God willing, it won't happen again!

This blog helps keep me focused on the good things going on in my life. And, Angels Amongst Us keeps me focused on the good people who cross my path and restore my faith in humankind. God knows in New York --and probably a little bit everywhere else these days too -- we can sometimes lose faith in our brother in this challenging human race (do I hear heads nodding?) So, I'd like to recognize an angel who recently crossed from the ethereal cyber world and into the real world -- the brick-and-mortar, flesh-and-blood world! An angel that has not only brightened my life but, for me, has also helped me to see the world as a kinder and gentler place to share with you all!

This is to my newest Angel Amongst Us, to my fellow blogger and new found friend, Lisa, who, in the midst of my recent darker hours, had the kind heart to send a care package. Literally! A package to let me know she was thinking about me and my family and that she cared about our well-being. Not only did we receive the warm gifts she sent that were just exactly the right gifts for each of us, but she also sent a card that expressed a sentiment I had not ever heard so loud and so clear before. A sentiment that applies not only to my immediate family but to the larger family to which I am inextricably bound by the presence of our children who happen to have Down syndrome. And, finally, to this great family I belong to called the human race.

Lisa said, "What happens to one, happens to everyone in a family."

On every level, isn't that the truth!

Thank you, Lisa, for your kindness, your wisdom and your gifts... so many gifts... so much more than just the thoughtful things you put into that box!


  1. It's a wonderful family isn't it? This odd cyberspace family. A family who you don't see and can't touch, whose only voice are words in a comment or e-mail. the best extended family I could ever be blessed with.
    Lisa sounds like a sweet! An angel indeed.

  2. what a wonderful post! Sending hugs and good thoughts!

  3. How nice to have someone care enough to be moved to action. Very nice post!