Wednesday, March 3, 2010

End The "R" Word

Today and every day going forward is the day to "End the 'R' Word". It's time for us all to acknowledge that this word, like so many other words that have become derogatory terms in our society, has outlived it's original usefulness and intent. It doesn't mean what it used to and it's time to act responsibly and with respect to those with intellectual disability, their loved ones and all of society and banish this word from our vocabularies.

If you KNEW you were putting my amazing boys down by using the "R" word, would you still say it? Would you say it in front of them?

Or in front of me?

Do you realize how much it hurts me and every other mother who has a child with an intellectual disability to hear this word?

And do you realize that the put down you mean when you say it to someone who isn't intellectually challenged is meant to compare that person negatively to my beautiful children?


End The R Word!


  1. Maggie, your boys are beautiful. Thank you so much for this post. I loved it. Well said my friend. xox

    Windmills and Tulips

  2. Kudos. Let's hope it will be done. My niece has the same problem. In fact, when she found out that her son had Down Syndrome and let the rest of the family and friends know, she actually got emails telling her how awful she was to let the world know! And, how dare she? WTF?!?

    The problem is that some people grow up and some people just grow older. Just keep loving the boys and doing your thing. One step at a time. My heart and prayers are with you. Your boys are really beautiful and look like they're having a great time.

  3. Very well said... I just love your photos! Such handsome boys.

  4. Great post, Maggie. Amen. And how cute are those boys? Their smiles make me smile. Oh, I just want to squeeze those two cuties. :)

  5. I SO agree!!
    And can we please add "gay" to the list of End the R word...
    It is said so thoughtlessly and so often, but it has such negative connotations- just because my child is gay- doesn't mean she is anything other than a beautiful human being. Just as your boys have Down's Syndrome- they are beautiful human beings. Usually the people saying these things are either ignorant, thoughtless, or uneducated about the harm they cause. I give people grace once, but after I've said something- if it happens with them again- they get the full lecture!! I love your blog! I'm not dealing with what you are, but everyone has their own struggles and battles to be won!
    God bless you in your battle-