Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Goat Whisperer

Look what I discovered at White Post Farms...

My Little Man is a Goat Whisperer!

Despite having no food to feed them, all the little goats came to him for hugs and kisses while the other children stood down-pen with their ice cream cones full of pellets.

He approached this Fawn Deer and every other animal at the farm and was treated in kind. All of God's creatures came to my beautiful Little Man first... with no more to offer than his love and tenderness! It was enough, apparently!

Not surprising, really. He and his "Big Brother" are that way with people too!

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  1. way cool, yet not surprising ;-) Animals know who to trust. I love that picture of him with the deer!

  2. Looks like he's "got it". Very cool!