Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome 5MFSN Visitors

Welcome visitors from 5 Minutes For Special Needs and thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to peruse the site and read some past posts. But, if you happen to like what you see and decide to sign up... please PLEASE  P L E A S E... do so on my newly migrated site at You see, I've been having some "issues" with Blogspot's ability to see and track my subscribers.  And, unfortunately, since they can't see you, I can't migrate you for this move.

This and the fact that today was my first post as a contributing author over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs necessitated the move... now!  I don't want you all looking for me here at my old digs when I'm over at Wordpress sprucing up the site and posting my long-winded advocacy rants and strange nuggets of happiness wisdom going forward.

Like it or not, my new site retains the same name and content but with a slightly different, disheveled look that does, appropriately and unfortunately, mirror the state of my life just now.  While I struggle to find moments to cram Wordpress For Dummies and update the new site, I'll continue to post on both sites... giving my faithful readers here a chance to Take a Walk over to Wordpress on their own time and terms.

So bear with me during my self-directed, trial and error, strictly-aesthetic make-over (pretty much how I address everything in life!). The look will evolve but my content will continue to be about my pursuit of happiness while facing the challenges of motherhood -- working 2 part-time jobs (as an inclusion advocate and a business editor/writer), re-building "this old house" and raising my 3 beautiful children: the venerable Old Soul and 2 amazing little men who share the same genes, including an extra 21st chromosome (aka: Down syndrome).

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll find the time to Take a Walk on the Happy Side with me over at Wordpress.  I'll see you there.