Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's late but it's still Thursday! And, as I sit here, baby monitor affording me audio confirmation that my children are all sound asleep... for now (as is my husband), I am reminded of just how lucky I am!

[1] This evening I took great pleasure in a few minutes of pure, uninterrupted rough-housing and horse play with my boys. There is no better sound in the world than the sound of my children's laughter. I am so thankful for that sound. I believe there's magic in that sound... like the sound of the bell ringing in Polar Express. May I always be mindful of their beautiful laughter.

[2] I'm thankful that my husband is such a talented DIYer that we now have a custom-built-out closet in our playroom/office so that we can finally put away some of these toy bins that have lined the nooks and crannies of our formerly closet-less home. (I guess in 1824 when our cottage was built, folks only had 2 outfits -- their work clothes and their Sunday clothes -- so a closet was unnecessary when 2 hooks would do the trick.) That said...

[3] I'm glad I have not only the clothes on my back but that I could fill a big closet (if I had a closet, that is) with the clothes I have. And, even though most of my wardrobe is a bit older (and doesn't fit me because I gained too much weight), it's important to appreciate what I've got when there are so many people in this world who have so much less. Truly, I am blessed... And, I need to share that blessing by passing on the clothes I'm not wearing to folks less fortunate than me. Speaking of passing on clothes...

[4] I'm incredibly thankful to all those people who have passed on their children's beautiful hand-me-down clothes for my kids. Not just because it saves me a ton of money I don't have to spend on new clothes... But, because it makes complete sense to share clothes as children outgrow them so quickly they don't even get a chance to ruin most things. I am a big believer in recycling and I am an avid kids-clothing recycler. I call it "the sisterhood of the traveling pants" but it's really just another way to pay it forward!

[5] I'm thankful that Weight Watchers exists to help people like me re-develop healthier eating habits and re-achieve and maintain healthier weights. I did it once and I can do it again. With the support of my friend, Wendy, I start tomorrow at 9:30 AM with a weigh-in and meeting. I'm hoping to drop enough weight to fit into some of those clothes I have that are not hanging in the closets I don't have in my house. Wish me luck! (You'll know I succeeded if you see me wearing that outdated, lime-green, mini-skirt suit I absolutely LOVED in 1990 -- LOL!)

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