Thursday, June 11, 2009


Lately I've been complaining more than I've been thankful so this post will do my soul some good:

[1] Silly, but I felt truly thankful when I heard one of my favorite songs on the radio today -- "Spirit In The Sky". I LOVE that song and rarely hear it. Even said it out loud before the vocals started and I had to sing along, "Thank you God, I LOVE this song!"

[2] Thankful for having multiple possibilities for solving all the little and big problems that I encounter in my life. It's so nice to have choices. (Cryptic on purpose. Covers more.)

[3] That I finally got to go out running/walking this morning with my sister.... despite the rain. It felt good and I even noticed that the mile I run has gotten quicker and easier. Time to up the ante (except that would mean either waking up earlier or making my sister run when she's maybe not ready). I'll just be happy and thankful for what I've got for today!

[4] Thankful that I'm feeling good. With the running/walking and sorta/kinda watching my eating, I think I dropped a couple of pounds. I don't dare get on the scale because it feels good and I want to feel good (more than worry about that number which ultimately is what we all judge ourselves by.) And, I might get discouraged if the number didn't change or worse!

[5] I'm thankful to Professor Paige at Nassau Community College who continues to give me and my children the opportunity to touch lives and educate the future educators and therapists on what Down syndrome is and what it is not. We spoke to her Psychology/Special Ed students at the college last night and I dare say they were all impressed. I'm certain meeting Brian and Michael changed their view of Down syndrome for the better... forever. May they always remember Brian and Michael and our message to "treat the individual" throughout their lives and careers.


  1. I'm jumping over from Lisa's blog. My name is Ann and I'm a SAHM to 4-year old Nate and 1-year old twins, Caleb and Maggie (nice name). We got Caleb's Ds diagnosis after he was born. He had his heart surgery last September and is doing great. I'm always thankful to find a new blog that resonates with me so I guess I'm also thankful to Lisa's blog for sharing the link.

  2. To Ann - Thanks so much for coming over. I'm just getting the hang of this linking thing myself. I'm jumping over to take a peak at your Three Little Birds (love that song).

  3. Love your blog! I saw the link on Finnian's Journey. I am also a Long Island daughter was diagnosed at birth 16 months ago. your boys are adorable!!!!