Thursday, June 18, 2009


I honestly CAN'T say I'm thankful for all this rain anymore. I don't want to say "enough" just in case someone with the power to change things is listening and we go dry dry dry! But, since He's always listening... Can you just squeeze in a few dry and sunny ones for us here and there please... So, what am I thankful for these days?

[1] I AM very thankful that after 4 postponements of the old soul's FUN DAY at school, they finally squeezed it in and we all got to enjoy the activities OUTSIDE on the ONE day it didn't rain in more than a week! Despite some overcast skies, the program went off without a hitch and all the kids got their chance to shine (even if the sun didn't). Liv's best events were the Bucket Brigade, the Hula-Hoop Chain, and the Pizza Relay. Yeah Liv!

[2] I'm thankful there are only 3 days left to this school year and that the academics and homework assignments are already a thing of the past... for summer at least! It takes a huge weight off the old soul's shoulders... and mine! This was a very tough year for her as she and her teacher clashed more than a little bit in personality -- Teach is Type A (100mph) and Liv is Type B (5mph) and never the twain shall meet! I've been assured that the powers that be have carefully attended to this personality clash and we will not have a repeat performance for next year based on a purposeful and conscientious selection for her 3rd grade teacher. From what I understand, the 2 words that best describe her assigned 3rd grade teachers' classroom are "peaceful and calm"! I am cautiously optimistic for a better [next] year!

[3] But, even more so... I am Psyched Psyched Psyched for a great summer with the old soul [while the boys take advantage of their extended school year services]. She and I plan to spend the summer snorkeling the alcoves at the Jones Beach inlet spying on juvenile tropicals that have washed up in the Gulf Stream. We'll be swimming with the fishes -- seahorses, puffers, angels, box fish and more. CAN'T wait. (SCUBA diving is close behind.) We'll also be kayaking, hiking and biking around Long Island, as well as visiting the zoos, aquariums and museums and practicing yoga every day. Oh, it's going to be a GREAT summer! (I'm just sorry the boys can't join us for all this fun but I am thankful there's an academic program available to address their specific developmental needs. Besides, we can do fun things like fairs and the beach on the weekends and they can play hooky for the cool weekday activities they'd be able to enjoy with us ... like the zoo! They're still a tad too young for snorkeling and kayaking.)

[4] I'm thankful I've gotten out to walk in the mornings, even a couple of times, with my sister given all this miserable weather. Certainly not enough and not as much as I'd like to but anything is better than nothing. And, I'm thankful that the running's getting a bit easier on my lungs. Time to increase the distance or speed or something, right?

[5] I'm also grateful that Weight Watchers is not allowed to quit me despite my abandoning the program as often as I do! I swear, I'm going back this week to start anew. The good news is those 8 lbs are still gone. The bad news is it could have been 20 by now had I stayed with the program. But, if I'm still breathing (and I was last time I checked), then I'm still trying. It'll come off.... eventually!

And, a special "Thank You God!" that my family members -- especially my children -- are all healthy. I'm asking for special prayers for 2 children who are in desperate need of some divine intervention: for Marcel (a young baby who mysteriously slipped into a coma ) and for Sean (a teen paralyzed by a freak diving accident). Please remember them in your prayers. And, thank YOU!

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