Thursday, August 6, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY - School's Out For Summer!

[1] I'm thankful that 2nd chances are unlimited.

[2] I'm thankful that children forgive more readily than most adults I know.

[3] I'm thankful that the sun comes up every day on this beautiful earth... despite us humans doing our best to destroy it. And, I'm thankful I have my senses to see it for what it is, listen to the sounds of nature and feel the wind and rain (as the case may be) on my face.

[4] I'm thankful for my beautiful children. Have I said that before? I'm just amazed at the grace of God to gift me these three beautiful little people to care for and nurture and grow up. Man, he must trust me a lot! (More than I trust myself most days!)

[5] I'm thankful that the boys' extended summer school session is coming to an end. We love it there and I appreciate the structure and education they're getting but I just want them to have a little time to be regular "Mom, I'm bored" kind of kids... enjoying summer, eating ice-cream from the ice-cream man, swimming in the backyard pool and digging in the sand at the beach. With our crazy schedule commuting 60 miles/day to and from school, not a lot of that has happened for the boys this summer... YET! But, it will starting at 2:30PM on August 14th... cause that's when their school closes it's doors for all of THREE weeks. YEAH! Can you hear the song in your head that marked the last day of school EVERY year for 13 years of your childhood???? Alice Cooper hit the nail on the head -- "No more teachers. No more books. No more teacher's dirty looks [at me for getting them to school late every day].... Schoooool's out for Summer [drums]!!!" Woo hoo!


  1. We still have one more week of ESY. Then we're off to Ohio for a week. Then one is back to school on the 2nd and the other on the 9th. Sigh.

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  3. Aaahhhhh, nothing to do for three weeks eh?? YEA RIGHT!!! I'm sure you'll fill it just as I do. But still enjoy a non-routine three weeks :)

  4. Great list! btw, your children are adorable, I love the picture in your heading :). I have id twin boys too :)