Sunday, August 2, 2009

Down Syndrome Awareness -- My Prayers Are Answered!

First, I'm sorry once again for my absence. Sure, I've got some fun adventures to post about... but it IS summer and actually finding the time to sit down at the computer is not my highest priority-- versus finding more time to squeeze fun summer activities into our busy schedule. Besides, one of my favorite "Career Renegade" bloggers, Jonathan Fields at Awake @ the Wheel ( says we bloggers have to get out there and live first... THEN write about it. Otherwise, our credibility will be in question. So, let nobody doubt my credibility. I am definitely OUT THERE living my life, if you get my meaning! LOL.

So, before I get into my escapades, it seems there's been a blip in the Down syndrome-related blogosphere. Looks like somebody created a new and potentially offensive website... Offensive, at least, to many folks in the Down syndrome community. I'm posting here because I have no desire to fan the fanatic fires over there. But, I'd like to express my sentiments in this regard without attracting the wrath of anyone involved. I'm going to get a little spiritual here. My spirituality suits me. I recognize it's not for everyone. My apologies if I offend or contradict any one's personal beliefs. These are just MINE.

Yes, I believe in God. And yes, I am a mother. Yes, of course I would choose to relieve my children from any potential suffering, physical or mental -- as inflicted by others in a society judging them as less valuable than any other living being. Any parent would choose to relieve such suffering as possible. Though I must also recognize that it is through suffering -- hopefully not too severe -- that we all learn and grow as humans and I want my children to learn and grow and become happy, responsible and contributing adult members of our society. AND, yes, I believe in prayer! And, I believe that God CAN work miracles and has the power to remove the extra 21st chromosomal material that Trig Palin and my sons were born with as well as to reverse or minimize the society-dictated "ill-effects" that little bit of extra stuff MAY cause as they grow and learn... IF HE DEEMED IT TO BE SO. Miracles do happen.

However, I would not venture to put my God to a TEST to show me or the world just how powerful He is. Man, there's a power trip scenario for you. Isn't that what the onlooker said to Jesus as he died on the cross? Paraphrasing, it went something like this, "Go ahead and save yourself. Prove to everyone that you really are the King of the Jews." Jesus didn't take the bait. He doesn't have to prove anything. True faith is believing without seeing. I have that. I don't need a public magic show. I already believe!

I pray multiple times daily. Throughout the day, actually, I talk to God and thank Him for gifting me my beautiful children... just as they are. And, I ask Him to help me raise them right. To do the right thing. I don't know what's going to happen to any of us but I'm walking the walk. And, I have never asked Him to take away their Down syndrome... Only that he show me the way to nurture and love them, to teach them and, yes, for their sakes given the society we live in, selfishly, I ask for him to help me do whatever I can to minimize the effects that MIGHT come of their Down syndrome so others will accept them more willingly. So that someday they can make their way as independent adults in this sometimes cruel world. I ask Him to help me to teach others about acceptance and tolerance for those that are perceived as "different" from society's version of "normal". To treat each child, each person as an individual with unique strengths and unique areas of need.

My children ARE just like yours and everyone else's! More than they are different! And, no matter how much the same or different we are, we all have a place in this world. We each have a role and an impact on the outcome. Some will be positive. Some, unfortunately, negative. Through free will, we each choose our own paths. Judging others... destroying them or changing them to fit into some warped idea of what is right and "normal" is the path some choose (Hitler comes to mind). Certainly, this is not my path. I will not pray for Trig to be "healed" of his extra chromosomal material, "cured" of Down syndrome. I will pray for Trig's health and happiness and for his family that they do the best job they can in raising that beautiful child. And, I will pray for those in our society who would like to change people like Trig to better "fit" into their mold. I will pray to help those people accept and tolerate differences in a more loving way than this questionable website professes to do. By all means, pray for Trig and his family. Pray for me and mine too... But, perhaps, leave out the specific demands.

I think I understand that part of the prayer request is to "heal" Trig Palin as a sign that God is still with us and in power. God knows our society is in need of a good shake up. But, there are signs every day if you choose to see them for what they are... Instead of asking -- through prayer -- for God to change the little children. Asking for your own version of a miracle to prove His existence is missing the everyday miracles that God provides. Trig's birth and life is proof enough to me that God exists... as is the birth and life of my children and every child and living thing on this earth. God is waiting for our society to SEE these everyday miracles and accept them for what they are. I, for one, have seen and I believe! I live with 3 of His miracles everyday. I do not need to, nor will I, test Him.

So, what happens on April 19th -- the day after the prayer marathon planned for Trig's birthday -- when he still has that extra 21st chromosome in every cell of his body? What if God chooses not to answer that prayer in the specified way? Will the Trig-Palin-prayer-brigade still believe that God exists even though their test failed? Will the onlookers waiting for this miracle to happen confirm their greatest fears by this ridiculous "test"? Will they all lose their faith in God? Will they still believe in the power of prayer? I hope He shows you that the miracle is Trig himself! In greater acceptance of who Trig is. Not in changing him to be as any one individual or society-at-large would like him to be to fit in.


I pray for acceptance and guidance in my life and in the expression of my faith. I pray the same for the Trig-Palin-Prayer-Brigade. The bible says God's will be done-- not theirs!

Personally, I think my boys are just perfect with their 47 chromosomes -- perfectly imperfect -- just exactly the way they are. Me too, for that matter. God help all of us imperfect people. We're just out here, in good faith, blogging away about our own awesome children and having a grand ol' time...

We're not picking on anyone else's children... are we?


  1. I am not religious but I always appreciate your perspective because it is so darn balanced and sane! Perfectly imperfect.... just like the rest of us! Beautifully said MaggieMae.

  2. Your kiddos are so very lucky to have you. Wonderful post, well said. My prayers, having a special miracle myself, are always those of thanksgiving. That I get to be that special little boy's mommy. I get to experience life with a whole new perspective and not by what fits the mold of "normal". Bravo, you and your family are in my prayers:)

  3. Hello. I just happened upon this blog while looking for information regarding healing and down syndrome. I have a question for you. You say you believe in God, are you a believer in Jesus Christ?

    I think you may have misunderstood the prayer campaign for Sarah Palin's son. I myself am pregnant with my third son and have been told that my son may have Down Syndrome. I have opted not to do an amnio because of the miscarriage risk and also because whatever the result may be, I would not choose to terminate my pregnancy.

    That said, I am a believer in Jesus and believe very much that as believers in Jesus, we have the power of the Holy Spirit within us to accomplish anything of God's will if we believe. I believe that God's will is for us all to be healthy, without sickness and disease, and without defect because when God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, everything was perfect and there was no such thing as sickness or death. Therefore, when I received the news that my son may have down syndrome, I immediately turned to God with a petition that He be well. I did not turn to Him to test Him. I love my God and I would never test Him. I went to Him as His child with a request believing that He could do it because He is God. There is a very big difference in a heart who believes in Jesus and His power, and one who does not and mocks God, such as the onlooker at His crucifixion whom you mentioned.

    The Bible teaches us that when two or more agree on anything in prayer, Jesus agrees with them and it will be done (Matthew 18). The Bible also reveals that when those who are sick approach Jesus for healing, having faith that He can and will do it, He never turns them away. Many times, he heals the sick saying, "Your faith has healed you."

    Jesus is a good God who loves His children dearly. He calls His children to trust Him by saying, "which one of you, if your son asks you for bread will give him a stone? ... how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!" (Matthew 7:9-11) I believe that if we pray anything according to God's will in faith (John 5:15), we will receive what we ask for. Therefore, if I deduce His will according to the Bible, that people be healed and that He will do it if we ask and believe...well, I conclude that I will have that! Therefore, I believe that my son will be born healthy, because I truly believe in the power of Jesus to make it happen.

    Now, I don't know personally these people who are praying for Trig Palin, but I assume that if they are true Christians, they are not attempting to test God. They are praying in faith that their incredible God will display His power in healing this child, because of His great love for them.

    I am very sorry if this may seem offensive to you. I understand that you have sons with Down Syndrome and that you accept them the way that they are and that you love them dearly. I understand that they are precious gifts to you (as children should be to anyone) and that you may not understand why others would not accept such a thing as quickly as you did. For me, it is not a question of whether or not I would love my son and accept him with a chromosomal defect, but that I trust God more than I trust numbers, test results, and doctors. In fact, I trust God even more than what I see physically, i.e. Trig Palin has already been diagnosed, there is no mistaking the extra chromosome which is present in his cells. As a Christian, I take a step further and place my faith in the unseen, God. Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Therefore, I believe that even though it is visible that Trig Palin has Down Syndrome, if believers pray in faith for him to be healed, that it will happen.

    Again, it is matter of trusting the God with whom we have an intimate, direct relationship through Jesus, not about testing God to display His power simply to prove something. Not at all.