Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grab Your Peace As It Comes

Peace and serenity are not always within my reach given some of the crazy stuff going on in my life lately... Having 2 out of 3 children and an elderly father all with special needs requiring particular attention just now can cause that sometimes! But, today we had a snow day.

There was no going out to play or to do anything else in the untamed weather. So it was a calm and quiet day indoors. I could have loaded up my day and the kids' day with planned activities and structure but I didn't. I took my lead from the weather and had an untamed day.

We played a little, worked a little, watched some movies and then played some more. We ate when we got hungry (not on a schedule) and did whatever we wanted all day long.

Sometimes we did stuff together, sometimes individually.

I grabbed my peace as it came and had a wonderful and relaxing day. It was a gift I accepted from nature!

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