Thursday, February 4, 2010

THANKFUL THURSDAY - A Quick & Witless Post (But Meaningful)

It's been a long and psychologically rough day. Grandpa's first day at the Assisted Living Center... and he's not happy about it. But:

[1] I'm thankful that such places exist and are staffed with amazingly caring people who "get it" when an old guy thinks he's got somewhere else to be but can't be anywhere else. They were wonderful despite 1 escape and Dad's adamant stance that he had to go home. He did NOT get to go home....

[2] Thanks to my brother who immediately jumped in to calm Dad and induce sleep finally. Can't imagine what's going to happen tomorrow. But, for tonight, my siblings and I are officially off-duty for the first time in a very long time!

[3] I'm grateful for my amazing and supportive siblings who have all worked so hard to make this possible for my Dad. It's been a very long haul but, hopefully, we've executed a workable solution. (Cross your fingers, knock on wood, or say a prayer... whatever is your way... Please throw some good karma up into the universe that Dad acclimates quickly and easily or plain old acclimates in whatever way he needs to... but soon and peacefully for him and for us all!

[4] Special thanks go out to Mel, Dad's new roommate. What an absolutely wonderful old gentleman who jumped in with good humor and perseverance to help Dad feel welcome. He's a Godsend. I can't imagine why his 10 children choose not to visit this dear old man but you can be sure my sibs and children and I will be visiting not only Grandpa, but Mel as well!

[5] An off subject thanks go to our wonderful new at-home PROMPT speech therapist using an amazing methodology that works wonders for my children with Down syndrome... AND who is making HUGE progress with the Boys already. She's also indoctrinating the new ABA therapist in how to get the best work out of my precious little boys since she's known and loved them since birth. Truly another Godsend!

I'm sorry for such a quick and witless post but I am bone tired. I sure won't need any sleep inducement at all. I'm dead on my feet as it is. I hope Dad and Mel and you all have a wonderful night with beautiful dreams...


  1. This is Joyce. Hugs and prayers for your family. Such a hard thing you had to do today. I love your sentence about a guy who thinks he has somewhere else to be but can't be anywhere else. Beautifully stated. Hope the transition gets easier as the days go by.

  2. Karma sent up, immediately! It's very hard to do it, but sometimes it can work out, very well, once your parent gets settled. Thanks for sharing and it was a great post.

  3. Definitely sending prayers for your dad. i think I'll send some for Mel too.Ten kids and no visitors... that's just wrong.

    Glad the boys are doing well too.

  4. Big Hugs for making it thru yesterday and I hope things are sailing as smoothly as possible for you & your sibs this morning. I know your boys will be a blessing to Dad's new community, and the Old Soul will bring a bright light into the lives of many there as well.

  5. Thoughts and prayer that this solution will give you some much needed rest and peace knowing he's in good hands.

  6. Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, prayers and good Karma sent up and to you. I have been thinking about you. Glad to hear the nurses and your dad's roommate are all wonderful. Thanks for keeping us posted... XOX.

  7. Witless indeed! You are never that! I hope that this idea with your Dad brings you all some peace- it's a hard place to be but you all seem to handle it with grace.

  8. OH, my, I have just caught up on your posts and my heart goes out to you. Wonder-mama and wonder-daughter that you are. Take care of you!