Sunday, January 31, 2010

Down Syndrome Awareness Meets Random Funny Thoughts -- Spider Man & PROMPT

My husband is not a real touchy-feely, let's-talk-about-it kind of guy. Rather, I've come to learn that he's a man of few words. But, early in the process of dating him, I didn't know this and, I think, he was working hard not to expose his secret identity too soon since I'm both touchy-feely and loquacious. So, when I asked him to tell me something key about him that I would not otherwise find out easily or quickly, I'm sure he cringed inside. But without hesitation he said, "I'm Spiderman!"

GREAT answer! (LOL) That might have been the moment I knew he was THE ONE. After all, it's not everyday a girl gets to kiss Spiderman -- upside down or otherwise (Have you seen the movie?) -- or to snag a guy with a great sense of humor in her web!

I've never forgotten his response nor let him live it down. And I've told my children that story more than a few times. Of course, like me, the Old Soul thinks it's hysterical that her Daddy is so witty... if not really Spiderman. But, we'd never gotten any reaction from The Boys, although they know and love Spiderman ALMOST as much they love their Daddy.

As you may have heard, The Boys recently started their at-home PROMPT language therapy services awarded at their last CPSE meeting. Though this method is predominantly touted for children with apraxia, it can work wonders on children who have oral-motor processing delays and low oral muscle tone. That pretty much describes us... and many kids with Down syndrome... and some without too! Well, with just two sessions under their little belts, -- by all counts, in school and at home -- their language and articulation began to explode. Some of this, I'm sure, is just The Boys remembering skills they'd previously acquired. In their past Early Intervention life they'd consistently received PROMPT but had forgotten much during their hiatus (their preschool doesn't offer it which is why we fought for home services). Some of the explosion can also be attributed to the application of their newly recalled skills to their newly acquired vocabularies. And, apparently, some is the application of their new language skills to the existing thoughts they were previously unable to express. Very cool!

So when Daddy came home from work the other day to the usual fanfare, to stimulate language -- as I am ALWAYS doing with them -- I asked my Big Little Man what Daddy does at work. And he answered with great pride and conviction:

"Daddeee ith Piderman!"

AMAZING and pretty close to the truth. He does spend his time catching thieves just like flies.


  1. That's wonderful. You must have been bursting with love and pride. (Hope you gave 'Piderman' a kiss!)

  2. So cute, Maggie! AWESOME. Thrilled that their speech is coming along. Lucky kids to have Spiderman for a dad. ;) Since my man works at a bank, all the kids think he makes money. As in...actually prints money. Hahahaha...I wish. And I wish he could bring home as much as he wanted.

  3. Oh I love it. How cool to have Spiderman as your daddy and how even more cool that your little man could express that. Great post!

  4. So cute! :) We love our prompt therapy and have seen it make a big difference quickly as well!

  5. So happy to hear of the boys progress, and your love affair with Spiderman :)

  6. Hi, Maggie. I linked to you through Ria. My Micah (just turned two) has been seeing a private SLP since we relocated to MN a couple of months ago. She's been using PROMPT with him for about a month and it's definitely helping! Micah is tube-fed, thereby complicating his speech issues, but he's been trying to actually verbalize things lately and I'm just thrilled!

    Your children are adorable!

  7. Maggie, I saw your post on A-list. I don't know you yet, but I already love your heart. I'm looking forward to reading more


  8. Hi Maggie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the link to this post. I replied to your comment on my blog but don't know if you will get a chance to go back and look so I'm leaving a comment here. :-)
    That is AWESOME how your boys' speech and articulation have exploded with PROMPT. I was looking at the PROMPT website hoping to find a workshop for parents but it seems I'd have to get a group together to do it. Matthew's SLP uses a combination of methods but I don't know if PROMPT is one of them. I do know that since we've recently increased speech therapy sessions to once a week (from twice a month), Matthew has been showing a little more progress. But of course, the road is long and he has yet to say his first word. Anyway, thanks for reminding me about PROMPT. I hope I find something that will work for Matthew in case PROMPT isn't offered in our area.

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