Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Funny Thoughts -- It's As Plain As The Nose On HIS Face

It's been awhile since I told an "Old Soul" story. She is laugh-out-loud funny with her straight-forward observations and commentary on the crazy world we live in. Yesterday, she just plain old cracked me up.

I brought my dear old Dad with me on my school pick-up rounds (as I sometimes do). Usually, I'm running "just-past-the-nick-of-time" and make it to her school 2 minutes post-dismissal. This actually works out well because the Old Soul typically brings up the rear in her class (she moves slowly... I just do too much) and I end up pulling into a newly vacated parking spot -- previously taken by a parent who lives their life in early or on-time mode (which is not me). I barely come to a stop right in front of the door as she walks out. It works well for us! However, inexplicably, yesterday we got to the school a bit early and couldn't find a parking space close to the door so I had to park down the block. I left Grandpa in the car with the boys and ran out to get my little Hippie Chick (aka the Old Soul). As we headed to the car happily holding hands and skipping (yes, both of us), this exchange ensued:

O: Did you leave the boys in the car all by themselves?

M: No! I'd get arrested for that. You're not allowed to leave little kids alone.

O: Are they at home?

M: Nope. They're in the car waiting for you!

O: Who's in the car with them?

M: Who do you think?

Nearing the car you could barely make out the vague image of someone in the front passenger seat. She immediately started laughing.


She's right! Broken 7 times playing football in the pre-face guard years, his "big old nose" DOES stand out... giving the phrase, "it's as plain as the nose on your face" a whole new meaning in our family!


  1. That nose is a comfort to her. Lucky, little girl to have her granpa so near.

  2. Lovely, "smile-out-loud" story. The things that connect us to our loved ones are unique and special. Thank you so much for sharing.