Friday, January 22, 2010

THANKFUL THURSDAY - Even When I Have To Reach For It

There's a lot going on in my life right now, hence the sporadic posts shared in fits and starts. I'm sure I'm less busy and less stressed than many of you and maybe a tad more busy and more stressed than some. Just the same, it seems I'm being pulled in every different direction. It's times like these that dwelling on the crazy stuff can bring even the best, most stable folks down (and I'm not sure I'm one of those)... so it's important to stay mindful of the good stuff going on. So here goes:

[1] Again, I'm thankful that my Dad is still alive and kickin'. His Alzheimer's-riddled mind might well be "senile" (his word choice, not mine), but he's here and for me and for my kids -- who absolutely LOVE their Grandpa -- that's still a blessing and something to be thankful for. We still enjoy our time together, laughing and joking around as much as ever. I have friends who've lost their Dad's and would give anything to be in my shoes right now. Glad he's still here and still an integral (if not always easy) part of my life.

[2] I'm thankful for technology like Verizon's GPS-based Family Locator plan that will help my sibs and I keep track of Dad as he goes on his merry way. He's still physically healthy enough and loves to go out walking. This technology allows us to breath easy knowing if he does get lost and can't hear his cell phone ringing, we can still find him and bring him safely back home.

[3] I'm thankful for all the people who work so hard to provide much-needed and impactful services to children with special needs (and to old folks with special needs). When they're mindful of their purpose the results are always phenomenal. And, I've found, more often than not, that those folks who choose helping professions actually are predominantly focused on doing good (versus fulfilling their own or their employer's [read budgetary] agenda). I've recently, and thankfully, had the good fortune to be surrounded by such people as we try to piece together services that best meet the boys' needs (Dad being one of the boys here).

[4] I'm grateful to have the chance and the ability to give a little something back in the way of advocating and helping other parents with regards to gaining services, NY state law, and the education of children with special needs (Down syndrome or any other special needs). I am by no means an expert but I do have some viable information to share and do so willingly with anyone who asks and/or might benefit from knowing such stuff. There's so much on our plates as parents of children with special needs, and researching how best to proceed is a time-consuming and arduous task. Any time I can take existing wisdom from someone who's been there before me is a huge help to me. By the same token, any time I can give to someone who's bringing up the rear, walking in my shoes, is a way for me to pay it forward. A way for me to say thanks to all those who have helped me on my journey thus far... by helping others on their journey. (The added bonus here is, the more I pay it forward, the more peaceful the path will be for my children with Down syndrome as they grow up in this crazy world.)

[5] I am thankful for this extraordinary and wondrous life I have. I am so glad that I am here... right where I'm supposed to be, with these beautiful children of mine and this loving husband that I chose and who chose me back. I'd rather be right where I am than not be at all. Sadly, I was reminded yesterday via a telephone chat with an old friend who has a family member that would rather not be... that not everybody feels this way. Lucky me that I do! I love life! I love MY life. Sure, I recognize that there are aspects of my life that could be better... knowing that is what keeps me striving to improve myself and my family's existence. Ahh to be human and know it... Even better, to appreciate it.

All that being said (or typed), I sure could use a relaxing all-expenses-paid vacation on a sunny beach anywhere in the world that might help me forget about all the craziness that's going on right now in this life I'm having so much fun living. Key word there is VACATION: A temporary respite from the usual routine. I'd come back with a little more sleep and a little less stress and jump right back into the fray.

No, I would not trade my life for any one elses. I would not change a a thing about the colorful and loving players that are in my life. It all happens for a reason and it's our job to discern that reason as we go forward. The good, the bad, and the ugly; I'll take it all "as is" as they say with a little extra love and laughter...

Right about Now you might be thinking, "how can she be so darn happy and content with her life? Isn't there anything she wishes were different?"

Just so you know I'm a fallible and imperfect human being just like every one else, there is one little thing I might change... I wish I could miraculously add a couple, few zero's to the balance in my savings account without having to work for it (LOL... can I hear an "Amen to that, sister"?). I honestly don't want for much... but happiness guru, Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project found that "money can buy some happiness [or peace of mind] if it's used right." I'd be willing to test that premise with a little more well-spent (or well-saved) money to "buy" me a little more happiness and peace of mind.

After all, who amongst us couldn't use just a little more happiness?

Aaaah to dream...

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  1. You can always dare to dream Maggie. Glad to read things are quite "normal" for you right now, in our sense of normalcy. I too am one who would just love to have my dad around to enjoy my kids with me. I lost him five years ago and he never got to meet my boys :(