Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm inclined to reinstitute my Thankful Thursdays or Thank God It's Friday posts because I find I'm less mindful of ALL that I have to be thankful for without making that concerted effort to write it down at least weekly. And I post less often too! So, long over due, here's what I'm thankful for lately:

[1] I am ever so grateful that God saw it fit to spare my little boys too much illness and mal-effects from their stint in the hospital suffering from pneumonia recently. It was a tremendous learning experience about my boys and the minor way their Down syndrome impacted their illness and wellness... And, I learned how much who they are impacted the outcome even more. Thankfully, we're over it now... but being in Schneider's Children's Hospital versus our community hospital really put the whole thing into a grand perspective. We were just there waiting to get well again while others were struggling desperately for their lives and good health. As friends and family put The Boys on their prayer lists I was asking them all to add the other critically ill children we shared the ICU with to their lists as well. I'm still praying for all those babes and their parents.

[2] I'm thankful that the quick-fix minivan we purchased upon the birth of our twins survived for as long as it did and didn't cr*p out on me until after the boys' 60-mile-a-day school commuting was pretty much done. It did it's job well and for not much money. I complained about it not being stylish only half as often as I outwardly appreciated it for doing its job... getting me, my kids and my stuff safely where we needed to go. And thanks go to Jan, my beloved friend Lori's hubby, for finding it for us on eBay on such short notice those long 5 years ago! Our Silhouette will be moving on shortly to it's final resting ground with tons of very funny stories to tell it's new friends at the junkyard about this last crazy family that owned it.

[3] I'm grateful to have so many wonderful employment opportunities in such rough economic times. Come September (or so), when the kids go to school, I'll be re-joining the workforce. I have a few potential choices so I'm still deciding exactly what capacity and which hat I'll wear for those few hours a day... but I'm looking forward to earning some money (to pay for the new van we're spying) AND to do something for ME... that will hopefully benefit my children as well. I've always felt fulfilled working in the corporate world with a paying job. I'm sure what ever I choose, this will be no different -- especially since most of my opportunities involve some form of advocacy on behalf of my children and all people with Down syndrome and/or special needs.

[4] I'm beyond grateful that I've had the chance -- when so many do not in these tough economic times -- to stay at home and raise my babies up to this point. I used to say that Burger King -- working with my High School friends at 16 years of age -- was my favorite job. That got bumped when I went to Kansas City to help start up Sprint PCS (awesome opportunity with GREAT people). BUT, motherhood and raising my babies has far surpassed both of those jobs. It's the hardest, most fun, least and most rewarding job I will ever have! Payment comes in hugs and kisses and pride in the wonderful people my children have become! It is just awesome!

[5] I'm grateful for my life with all it's ups and downs. I'm glad to be here! And no matter how tough it gets, I'd rather be here than not. My dear old aunt once said, "this getting old stuff is for the birds!" To which I replied, "but it's better than the alternative 'cause I sure don't want to die young!" There's so much more I want to do in life. So much fun to have. Great pride to feel. Achievements to chalk up. No, I'm not done yet! Gotta go out there and live this life I've been gifted to the fullest.

Have a wonderful day all! Try and appreciate the little things today!


  1. I love this post, Maggie. Thanks for helping me see the things that I am grateful for. I have a LONG list. You are such an amazing woman. Thanks for the lesson. :) xox

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