Monday, May 11, 2009

Down Syndrome Awareness -- Another Resource For Information

I am an "evidenced-based" mom. That is, I want to know that what I'm trying is not so much experimental but achieves results based on some level of scientific evidence or proof. Some translate that to mean I am a doubting Thomas. But, I crave information and knowledge with regards to Down syndrome and how it MAY or may not affect my children. As such, I found an interesting blog and post-series -- "The Top 15 Things A New Parent Should Know About Down Syndrome" -- that I wanted to share.

I have found that, for me, the key to understanding and managing life with Down syndrome is knowledge. I seem to proactively gather the knowledge I need or crave as the issues and/or topics present themselves. And, I am always looking for new resources on my quest to understand and rise above. This seems like a great site to help expand my knowledge of the chromosomal anomaly we all know [and love] exponentially... covering topics that may never surface in my sons' lives but good-to-know information just the same. Whether you agree or disagree with the conclusions and/or treatments being recommended -- FYI - I find myself questioning both in many instances -- it is definitely food for thought and a jumping board for more research on my part. In just one day I have encountered a number of topics that certainly warrant a conversation -- maybe even testing -- with my pediatrician.

Take what you need/want and leave the rest. Live and let live. To each his own. All these mantras apply. But, I hope it helps someone, anyone, out there to better understand that, as the mothers of children with Down syndrome, we are the envelope-pushers for the future. Everything we do -- or do not do -- with and for our children will be examined by those that follow us... just as we seek information from those who proceeded us. I would like, for my children's sake and development, to be a good example in this.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words about my site and about the series that I am doing. I'm rather evidenced-based myself, so I understand your skepticism! I'd be interested in any info you dig up related to the things I'm posting about.