Thursday, May 7, 2009


[1] I'm thankful for 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th chances)! As many as it takes to get it right!

[2] I'm thankful for the gift of being able to bend over and tie my shoe without back pain, to be able to walk 2 steps never mind the 2 miles I've been walking with my sister each morning, and the ability to run -- even for a block and despite my advancing years -- without keeling over. LOL!

[3] I'm thankful that my daughter has embraced a love for nature, animals, flowers and the outdoors. It's something that I know will bring her peace throughout her life (because it does me). And, it's something we will always be able to share.

[4] I'm thankful to have enough surplus in my life to be able to throw a little party for the boys' birthday with good friends and loving family in attendance.

[5] I'm thankful I have a loving and non-critical husband.

But, mostly, right now, I'm thankful that I'm done posting so I can go to bed. 5:30AM comes quickly!

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  1. What a great 'thankful' post, Maggie. LOVE the photo at the top of your page! It's such a sweet picture. Good for you for walking every morning!