Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Funny Thought by My Old Soul

The other day as we made our way down Sunrise Highway -- which, for all you non-Long Islanders is a road that goes from the NYC border in Queens nearly all the way to "The End" in Montauk (though it changes names here and there) -- Olivia, my 7-year-old future marketing executive, spied a new sign hanging on the railroad trestle touting alternate transportation in these tough economic times with the high-cost of fuel. I've seen the sign but never attended to it's placement. Leave it to the Old Soul to notice:

"Mom, that' sort of funny, Isn't it? The sign hanging below the train tracks says, 'Trade in Your Gas Station for a Train Station.' and it's hanging right above the gas station on the same corner. It's like they're saying it right to the people who are buying gas at the gas station! I bet the guy who owns the gas station doesn't like that sign much."

Now, that's targeted marketing!

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