Saturday, October 10, 2009

Down Syndrome Awareness 31 for 21 -- Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Sure I worry about what my boys will be when they grow up. I wonder what career choices will be available to them. But, if I look at all they can do already, and all their innate talents and interests, I believe they can do whatever they choose:

They can be mountain climbers or bridge painters... since they don't mind heights!

Heck, they can be ditch diggers if they want to be

Or astronauts

Or maybe Helicopter Pilots

They can be Firemen or policemen, like Daddy

Or gymnasts maybe!

Artists? It does run in their blood.

Or Musicians? That runs in their blood too!

Professional athletes. Hockey or baseball players perhaps... with a little training. They each have a wicked arm!

Or maybe a boat captain like their Daddy used to be.

Carpentry, a fix-it man, a Do-It-Yourselfer. There's inate talent and interest in these areas in both boys and on both sides of the family.

Explorers. Park Rangers. Animal wildlife conservationists. Also in their blood... And mine!

Oops, I hear I shouldn't let them grow up to be cowboys! Too lonely or so they say (unless they hook up with Barbie!)

Performers... Dancers! Singers! Absolutely one of their strengths! (Talk about hooking up with Barbie... Helloooo Jessica!)

Photography is a budding interest too! And, they're pretty good at it!

I could go on... They can be writers, film makers, actors, executives/office workers, teachers and more!

Why do we worry about the career opportunities of our children with Down syndrome any more than we do our children without? Why can't they turn their talents and interests into a career just like everyone else? The Sarg and I agreed that we would be more than pleased if the Old Soul chose any life path that made her happy. If she wants to pull weeds in people's gardens for a living... that's all right with us. (We know someone who does pretty well doing just this LOL!)
So, why should it be any different for the boys? Because they have Down syndrome, you say? Well, guess what? There are no specific restrictions on ANY of the careers I mentioned above with regards to people with Down syndrome pursuing them. There are so many career choices in life... There are bound to be numerous choices in areas that specifically interest my children with Down syndrome. Careers that can be rewarding for them... That they'd be happy doing.
Like every child, with a little direction, a lot of love and some good old fashioned hard work, there are so many choices. And, I believe in my boys and will help them to do -- to become -- anything they want to do or become!


  1. Too cute! They definitely have a lot of options!

  2. Oh my goodness Maggie, I love all the photos of your handsome lil guys. Love the topic too :)

  3. top two photos looks like trouble. love the boots

  4. Love this post! especially all the pics that went along with it :) Wow they sure are climbers!

  5. love it!