Friday, October 16, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY On Friday & Down Syndrome Awareness - 31 for 21

Oops, lost track of the days. They all seem to be running together.

Anyway, since I'm blogging this month in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and since I'm 3 days out of surgery on my boys, I have much to be Thankful for this Thursday. And so, my list will revolve around my beautiful boys [mostly]:

[1] I'm thankful that my boys came through surgery [on their genitals... yes, both of them... they're identical!] without any major problems. That is, they went under, had the surgery, and woke up without event! THAT'S a big deal to a mom!

[2] I'm grateful that we were able to intervene on their behalf and correct their "inconspicuous penis" condition so that they may go through life conspicuously... like their peers (LOL). If you want more information with regards to the condition and/or correction, please feel free to email me. Or, follow the blog because I'm likely to talk candidly about this condition and why we chose the course of action we did in the near future.... once we're over the proverbial hump (ha ha ha)... to help other facing the same.

[3] I'm massively relieved and thankful that the idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (red spots) all over Michael's body were not accompanied by low platelet counts... which means it was probably caused by a viral infection and is not indicative of a leukemia-like illness. Children with Down syndrome are at a higher risk of developing childhood leukemia so this was a scare for us AND our pediatrician. But, Michael's platelet counts are more than healthy so we're watching and hoping and praying the purpura (red spots) dissipate quickly without further ado!

[4] I'm thankful that the boys genitals seem to be healing well and quickly, their pain/discomfort is subsiding and their good humor is holding up! Again, considering the surgery... no small feat!

[5] I am thankful that I am the mother of these two beautiful little men and their beautiful on the inside and outside big sister... More about the old soul in my next Angels Amongst Us post. I am so incredibly proud of my children in more ways than I can express!!!! They are my angels here on earth.

BTW - In case anyone's wondering, I'm also incredibly grateful that, amidst all this stress, I've still managed to lose a total of 5+ lbs. on the Weight Watchers program. Stress has always done the opposite for me. But, writing it all down seems to be working. Not having time to shovel anything into my mouth is probably not hurting either.


  1. I just found your blog--I love the positive spin you have on everything...what a great way to go through life. I hope your boys are recovering well.

  2. Not knowing what you had done, but just assuming, I'm curious. When we took Max to get circumsized at 8 weeks old (we adopted him, & it hadn't been done at birth), our pediatrician (also the head of the Ds clinic at our local children's hospital here) commented that boys with Ds usually have small penises. I'm glad he said something, because sometimes when I'm changing a diaper, it looks almost inverted :)