Monday, April 19, 2010

Funniest Home Video Without the [Original] Video

Why is it the funniest things happen when there's no camera within reach?

The Big Little Man and The Old Soul were outside playing in the backyard the other day. I was indoors with my Little Man. When the Old Soul came skipping through the back door I asked if she'd left her little broey outside alone. "Oops" she said. So I went to the door, not expecting to see anything but a happy little bruiser cruising around the play equipment in the backyard. What I saw certainly would have won me the $10,000 prize on Funniest Home Videos... IF I'd gotten a video of it, that is.

As I opened the door, the sound of wailing filled the air. To the left, I see my Big Little Man coming around the back corner of the house. The front of his shirt fully pulled over his head as though he got stuck halfway through taking it off. Crying, walking like a blind man with his hands out in front of him, covered in... you guessed it... DOG POOP!!!! LOL.

I know... TOTALLY GROSS... but funny as heck! He's negotiating the backyard obstacles pretty well considering he's totally blindfolded. He's moaning and wailing and -- as I approach I realize -- he's gagging too. LOL. He's got poop on his shoes, on his hands and wiped all over his shirt and... I know, this is disgusting... but he's got spots of poop smeared on his neck too. You can just imagine the mess underneath that shirt!

Turns out, he slipped and fell, hands down, in a heap of dog poop. When he wiped his hands on his shirt he realized his shirt was dirty and reeeeaaaaally smelly so he attempted to take it off. But, because his hands were covered in dog poop and the smell got stronger as the shirt covered his head, he failed to complete the over-the-head part of the shirt-removal maneuver and was outright STUCK... in dog poop! LOL

For those of you not inclined to open the demo video above, here's a post-trauma still shot of the Big Little Man's Shirt-Removal Technique:

LMBO (Laughing My Butt Off)! Seriously! Where is the video camera when you need it?

The good mother in me helped him but the bad mother was laughing so hard I was crying the whole time I was cleaning him up -- in between our mutual gagging. Lest you think me totally callous, please note, the worse mother would have gotten the video camera to document one of the funniest things I've seen in a LONG time.

P.S. The Old Soul doesn't think this is a bit funny because her brother was carrying one of her little PK dolls when he fell... Unfortunately, the doll looked a bit like the Big Little Guy when we found it lying dirty and smelly next to the incriminating evidence (read: dog poop). I thoroughly cleaned it up but she hasn't played with it since... LOL


  1. oh my gosh! Poor guy...I can just imagine that scene - and what else can you do but laugh!

  2. OH too funny!! Poor kid. You are the best mom because I probably would have just hosed him down outside and let him air dry!!!
    And you didn't even need a video, your described the the scene perfectly and I can see it all!

  3. Oh that was hilarious!!! Loved how he takes off his shirt. wiggle wiggle wiggle

  4. See when you hinted to me about this story, i was assuming it was his own poop.....but the dog poop takes it to a whole other level! LOL and i cannot watch that video of him without actually laughing out loud!

  5. Ewwwww... But Funny!!!!