Saturday, April 3, 2010

Their Future's So Bright... They Gotta Wear Shades

We were at the Verizon booth at the local PC Richards & Sons a few days ago, setting up my dear old Auntie with an add-a-phone line on our account as the pre-paid phone she's had for several years has finally outlived it's ease-of-use[fulness]. As is the norm -- because we don't have a lot of babysitters standing by -- I brought my brood with me. Thankfully, the Verizon store-within-a-store was adjacent to the huge (half the store) television department. I'd like to imagine that one of those sales people had the wherewithal to play something other than football. Stereotypical, I know, but apparently men make the majority of television purchases and the football pulls them into the department. Still, in the midst of a sea of astro-turf simulcasts, there was one extraordinarily large, well-equipped, Blu-Ray, 3-D enhanced Plasma television playing.... Monsters Vs. Aliens. Yeah! Happens to be my Big Little Man's favorite movie as he's quite smitten with "SooooooooZn".

When the salesman realized that the adults in charge of the 3 stray children were otherwise engaged with the Verizon lady, and that "OMG... they're twins" and that they were not entirely under the Old Soul's control, he pulled up a chair, handed the kids some fancy 3-D shades and turned up the volume. Well Done, Sir! Well Done!


  1. I'm always so grateful to find someone who "gets" children! I'm especially pleased when we have a kid-friendly server in a know, the kind who bring the crackers out before the meal and provide napkins without being asked. :) Love it! So glad the boys were well entertained.

  2. That's sweet. I love it when someone actually tries to make things easier!

  3. Very well done. Had that sort of happen to me a thousand years ago when I was babysitting a little boy. We went to the movies and, of course, he had to use the bathroom, so I brought him out to the lobby and there by the men's room door was a man with a little girl looking like he was way in over his head. We didn't even speak, just looked at each other, looked at the kids, exchanged them, went into the respective bathrooms, came back out, swapped back, and went back to the movie with smiles on our faces! It was just too cool.

    Give people half a chance and they respond with greatness... Thanks for sharing.

  4. very well done indeed! Gotta love people that are thinking on their toes and willing to help someone out.