Friday, December 5, 2008


Staying with the theme of my last post -- our trip to Hershey Park, PA -- I'd like to acknowledge a real-life angel that, selflessly, helped us out in our time of need. Excuse my lack of information but I met this man under duress and so I don't recall his name but I do know how generous he was with his time and knowledge.

Stranded with our broken down car and 3 hungry/tired kids in the parking lot at Hershey Park, long after the last "tail-gater" closed their doors and pulled away, my husband and I wondered what to do next. We had each already taken the long walk over to the "security" shed where we were assured someone would come help. But, we'd been waiting 2 hours already and there was no one left in sight. Out of nowhere, a large SUV with NY plates appeared before us and a man got out. He was from Long Island (like us). He had a wife and 2 hungry/tired children in his car and was about to be on his way home. Like us (only with one less child). He also happened to be the head of the Nassau County Vehicle Repair Center for UPS. Despite the late hour and obvious inconvenience, this Angel Amongst Us took the time to get under our hood, determine the full scope of damage, call his repair center for part name, number and availability (factory made vs. car-manufacturer made), gave the pertinent information to my husband and, with some instructions, assured him it was an inexpensive, do-it-yourself repair.

Armed with this information, we finally got permission from a Hershey Park security officer to leave the car there until the next morning. We were rescued by our friends Tammy and Mike (another pair of Angels Amongst Us) and spent the night in a seedy hotel with very warm and comfortable beds! And, for the low cost of the part and a couple of hours of lay-mechanics' labor, Tim and Mike repaired the vehicle and got us on our way.

Many thanks to the head of the Nassau County UPS Vehicle Repair Center for taking the time and making an effort to help us. Once again, this individual restored my faith in the kindness and generosity of mankind.

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