Friday, December 5, 2008


Late again.... But, I'm just as thankful today as I was yesterday:

[1] I'm thankful that I have more than enough STUFF to keep me busy while my children are in school. Boredom is something I don't handle well.

[2] Even though I'm feeling pretty sick right now, I'm thankful that it's JUST a cold and not the flu... thanks to my flu shot.

[3] I'm thankful for the business opportunities that God continues to send my way. I hope I do this latest opportunity justice. (I know that's a bit cryptic but, bear with me, it's a work in progress.)

[4] I'm grateful for the challenges I face each day. They keep me on a learning track, feed my creativity and boost my feelings of self worth. Without a little challenge I wouldn't be taken to task in all these ways.

[5] I LOVE these holidays. So, I'm thankful that we're in the Christmas season. The brightly colored lights on the houses, Christmas specials on tv, Christmas cards in the mailbox, and on-going holiday festivities always cheer me.

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