Saturday, December 20, 2008


We've watched The Polar Express more than a few times these past few weeks. The kids love the whole train thing and I love the theme... BELIEVE!

I recently received an email with the subject line, "This will BLOW you away!". The content was a magic card trick by David Copperfield. In the 10 seconds I gave it my full attention -- that's 7 more seconds than most emails get these days -- the subject line was right... I was BLOWN away! Mr. Copperfield made my card disappear every time. OK, enough of that fun... I forwarded it to some friends and told them I was blown away and they should try it. Almost invariably, my friends came back snickering behind their keyboards at my foolishness and spouting the "trick" behind the trick. I won't give it away (just in case you receive it). But, for those 10 seconds it was a GREAT trick and I WANTED to believe that Mr. Copperfield worked his magic on me. I BELIEVED!

Recently, in three separate instances, the Old Soul and two of her playmates were told by unruly peers that Santa didn't exist. The other two children ran to ask their Moms for "the truth". I don't know exactly how those other conversations went but I do know that my daughter told me about what happened and said that other child was flat out wrong! There is a Santa Claus and he does give out presents. She suspended her belief in Santa by accepting palpable, if not occasionally improbable, explanations of information that contradicts a fantasy she WANTS to continue to believe in (for now). She's just like her Mom!

Believing in harmless legends makes me happier. If my daughter asked me for "the truth" (she didn't in this case because she already knew it), I would tell her without doubt that Santa Claus absolutely does exist and will deliver presents on Christmas day to all who believe... and even to some who don't. I am not wrong! Santa Claus comes in many forms. People are giving gifts all over the world on Christmas Day! I've just shifted the information I deliver to fit the facts I know. I'm happy... and so are my children. This holiday season... take the time to BELIEVE!

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