Tuesday, December 30, 2008


THANK GOD Christmas is over! I love the holidays but they really do drain the life blood out of you... don't they? I enjoyed the days leading up to and the day of Christ's birth and even getting together with family for a few days afterwards... But, I'm glad to be done with it now. My tree officially remains intact until the day after New Year's Day but, in my head and heart, I've moved on to "regular" life. By the number of abandoned Christmas trees on the curb, I'd say I'm not alone in this sentiment.

[2] I'm knocking on my wooden desk right now.... I'm thankful my kids, my husband and I did not come down with any of the really nasty germs going around this Christmas season. I'm sorry that my Mom, Dad, nephews and a few others took a hit but, so far (hear that knocking?), we're all happy and mostly healthy (some congestion and other minor ailments... but, I'll take these over the other stuff making the rounds).

[3] I'm grateful for all the wonderful gifts people chose to bestow upon me and my family. I am awed by the beautiful gift of giving some folks have. And, I'm thankful to know so many people who truly give/gift from the heart with no strings attached.

[4] I'm glad I didn't gain any more weight for the holidays because that would just make my 2nd New Year's resolution that many pounds harder to achieve. (See my next post for more info on resolutions.)

[5] I'm thankful to have the time to sit down again and blog. I LOVE to write and miss it terribly when life's little pressures take that away from me. Read: I'm sorry I've been incommunicado and I'm very glad to be back!

Happy belated holidays and a peaceful and prosperous New Year from my keyboard to yours!

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