Thursday, July 23, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY - This Too Shall Pass!

Thank God for Thankful Thursdays, I might've forgotten to stop and think about what I've got to be thankful for were it not for this post-commitment.

[1] I'm thankful that despite what terrible physical shape I'm in -- that includes overweight, stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and extreme fatigue -- miraculously, my immune system keeps working. Yes, I got sick. But, with pseudo-rest (read: I've got to do what I've got to do and everything else -- like cleaning, cooking and laundry -- falls by the wayside) it only took me down for 2 1/2 days (so far). I'm 50% recovered at this writing and moving in the right direction. God willing, I continue to recover and should be back to my version of "normal" just in time for the weekend.

[2] Thankful for the rain. Means the kids expect to do less and I get more couch-time (to aid in my recovery).

[3] I'm ever so thankful for my wonderful children. Even when I'm sick they mostly never cease to amuse and amaze me (if not occasionally irritate me b/c I'm sick and I haven't had a break).

[4] I'm grateful these beautiful children of mine don't hold my sour mood or the resulting yelling against me. Sure, I've got the excuse of being sick... and tired... and having no help (b/c hubby was working working working through it all). Still, explain that to a child! I did and I pray they understood just a little bit. But even if they didn't, thankfully, they haven't shunned me for my bad behavior at all. It would appear all is forgiven. (Can you hear "Amazing Grace" playing in the background... that's for the wretch I am and the three angels God sent to save me!!!)

[5] Thank God for my faith. I don't know where I'd be without it. I see so many people floundering these days. Yeah, life is tough and getting tougher (in many ways). But, my faith still buoys me up. Thankful my faith keeps me consistently bobbing above the water line!

Gotta go. Hungry kids and all that. Operating at 50% means I'm back to cooking (versus buying) food for them again. And, where's Daddy you ask? Poor guy's working again. Doing his part to ensure we stay above that water line. And I am ever so thankful he's got a good job!

The moral of this week's Thankful Thursday Post: Have faith! This too shall pass!


  1. I love your Thankful Thursdays! I always try to remember how blessed I am even when things go bad. Happy Thursday!

  2. What a great attitude to have even when you don't feel 100 percent!

  3. I truly enjoy reading your Thankful Thursday's too. I helps me reflect on things that I too am thankful for. Our lives are very similar, we gotta meet someday :)