Sunday, October 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never

This is yesterday's blog. Yes, I know it's late. But, better late than never, I always say. As a matter of fact, sweating over whether or not I'd get to blog yesterday in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, gave me my topic...

Children with Down syndrome almost always end up able to do most of the things that typically developing children achieve.... They just do it on their own timetable! It may take a little longer but, invariably, it does happen. They'll walk. They'll talk. They'll run and ride a bike... like most kids. They'll go to school and, yes, even graduate. And, many will go on to college. That's right they attend college, earn degrees and get paying jobs!... Just like typically developing kids! It might take a little longer but it can and does happen with patience and support (just like with some typically developing kids - LOL).

The developmental timetable for children with Down syndrome may mirror the typical timetable in some areas or may extend a bit further into their young adulthood in others. But, those of us with children with Down syndrome should take heart... because All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait and the Reward is GREAT!


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog. You're always so informative. I'm also on the Yahoo Listserv, as I have two children (not twins, though) how have DS.
    I've tagged you, come visit me to see if you want to play along!

  2. Thanks Kimberly. When I figure out what it means to be tagged and how to play along I certainly will. For tonight, though, I've got to figure out how to move my draft article to post today instead of the day I first drafted it. Sadly, I'm not the most techno-saavy person on the internet ;)