Saturday, October 18, 2008

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Quickie today.... You know, all this writing I'm doing in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month is not increasing any awareness if nobody but me and a few others are reading it. So, for those few dear souls who choose to spend a moment reading my thoughts...

First -- Thank you. I appreciate your support and hope you'll continue reading
Second -- Share it with a friend who might appreciate the information
Third -- I'm going to email everyone in my address book again and share my blog... again.

I apologize if I'm bugging you. But, look at the bright side -- at least I'm not calling at dinner time and asking you for money or which candidate you support. With email, you can delete without me ever knowing and it won't hurt my feelings a bit... Though, I hope you don't spam me because then I'll never be able to get in touch with you via email which might actually provoke me to pick up the phone just to say "hi" and that might bug you like all those telemarketers.

And, as I've said before, I would love it if you'd take a second to read up about Down syndrome. After all, there are only 2 weeks left in October before I move on to other topics that may or may not interest or affect you. Note: Given I have these two beautiful little identical twin men with Down syndrome, much of my writing will likely include references to Down syndrome on-going.... Just thought you should be forewarned. I hope that you'll stay with me : ).

xo maggie

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