Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Not Ready!

I'm not ready to post here on this newly set up blog, but I've signed on for the DS 31 for 21 blog challenge which means I have to blog today and everyday this month. And, I have to say something about Down syndrome....

So, here's something: My husband and I specifically refused any prenatal tests that would pre-inform us as to whether our unborn twins had Down syndrome. Along with the added risk to an already high risk, twin pregnancy, we decided that there was nothing any medical test said that would have changed our minds about having these beautiful little men in our lives. Further, with the boys now almost 3 1/2 years old, my husband recently said that if, when we decided to start a family, we had learned that we couldn't have children... and someone had told us there were twins with DS available for adoption, we would have adopted these boys anyway. They were meant to be ours! DS and all. And we wouldn't change a thing about them. Truly!

That's not to say that our lives haven't been a bit more challenging. But, the love we receive from them has been more than worth the effort. They've changed our lives, our families' lives and every life they touch, forever. I only hope that everyone has the opportunity to meet and know Brian and Michael or someone like them.... to experience the optimism, the love and the joy they spread!

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