Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year's Resolutions -- 2009

Many years ago, I was introduced to the notion that instead of resolving to stop or quit something, resolutions have more sticking power if they're positive and proactive. For example, instead of NOT eating junk food, a better/stickier resolution would be to eat more healthy. However, recently I read that resolutions should be specific and of a manageable scope instead of general and broad-sweeping. As such, eating healthy becomes, eat a nutritionally balanced dinner every day (that's small enough and specific enough to achieve). And, "they" say never make too many changes/resolutions at once as you're sure to fail/leave some by the wayside. I think of this one "baby steps". BTW - I was once told that "they" are a childless couple that live in a 3rd story walk-up apartment in Ridgewood, Queens, NY. As such, I'm not sure they're in the position to offer advice on how I should live MY life. Still, I happen to agree that changing too much at once leads to failure. Finally, I hear the most kept resolutions are the ones that make your life better... Duh! Because you'll work harder to keep them. So, with all these resolution-making rules set out... Here are my specific, positive, few 2009 New Year's Resolutions (de-personalized a bit to make them suitable to print):

[1] Live and Let Live! I'm going to live my life the way I (and my husband and kids) choose, without dwelling on anyone else's potentially contrary opinion. It's my life to live and I don't have to live it just to please anyone else. Besides, at 46, I'm not likely to drastically change my ways just to please insignificant others (my hubby and kids being the only really significant ones). The negative version: "Drop it" when I'm dwelling on other's judgements. The positive version: "Accept Me!" That is, I need to be accepting of the choices I make, who I am and what I do without worrying about other's opinions.

[2] Get up and Get Moving! My new exercise motto is Nike's "Just Do It". However, if I haven't "fit" exercise into my busy life yet, I'm not likely to magically do so now. As such, I've committed to waking up 1/2 an hour early to do some calisthenics, prep and deliver my kids to their respective schools and THEN hit the elliptical trainer BEFORE I shower and dress to begin my day. Sounds gross but it's the only way I'm sure to make it part of my day. And as a result, I'll be thinner if not happier.... Oh yeah, and healthier (because "they" say your goal shouldn't be to lose weight but to be healthier)! Can't it be both?

[3] Always look on the Bright Side. In every dismal situation, I'm committed to find some good... even if it's just a lesson in what NOT to repeat. My mom says I've already got this one beat. Then again, she isn't generally privy to my darker moments. And anyway, there's no harm in including a winning resolution so that I can feel more successful and jazzed about sticking to my first two resolutions.

What are your positive, brief and achievable resolutions for 2009? I'd love to hear how you'll improve your life this year.

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  1. I hear ya on the break it down part - my goal is to get to 24% body fat, which is pretty specific and has nothing to do with weight and lots to do with health - but it's going to be hard, I've got 9% to lose - I always knew there was a layer of fat covering up my muscles I just had no idea it was so much.