Thursday, January 15, 2009



[1] Thank GOD for my family Social Worker (a much-needed holdover from Early Intervention). With all the stuff that goes on in my wonderful life, I can hardly keep track of the issues I need to address with her and questions I don't know who else to ask. She's always there to help. Always a good listener. And, always has productive and proactive ideas and commentary to help me decide my next course of action.

[2] I'm so thankful Olivia has embraced the practice of talking to a therapist when something is bothering her. She's got one tough cookie for a teacher this year. A real yeller. And, it's taking it's toll on Olivia. Last night, after a long bout of real alligator tears, Olivia looked up at me and said, "Maybe I should talk to Ellen [the family Social Worker] about this!"

[3] Thank heavens for the snow. It looks like FINALLY we might get something that stays for a few days so we can go SLEDDING! The kids and I are just dying to hit the slopes.

[4] Thanks to my husband (and the greater powers that be) for my elliptical trainer and an awesome 12-year-old treadmill that still pulls it's weight -- and mine -- to help me achieve my goals (one painstaking pound at a time).

[5] Thank God for my continued good health that I'm able to USE the elliptical trainer and/or treadmill on a daily basis and not feel crippled! That's no small feat at my age!

[6] Thank God the car is fixed and in good running condition again and that our "new" 6-month-old television that turned off for no reason 10 days ago and wouldn't turn back on is also fixed FINALLY. Not easy to entertain 3 kids when you can't go out and you have no television!

Simple thankful thoughts make me feel so much better about all the other CR*&^#%&$*P! that's going on in my life (LOL). Try it. You might like it.

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