Thursday, January 29, 2009


Some days it's harder than others to be thankful. I'm going through some tough thinking right now which will inevitably lead to some tough decision-making regarding the boys' health and education. That's not to say they're not healthy -- the common cold notwithstanding -- or that they're not remarkably smart and even pretty well educated already considering their age.... They are. It's just me pushing that envelope again. It's my nature and we -- me and everyone involved with the boys -- agree that the gentle, loving pushing makes all the difference in their world. So, now that you know my aches of heart and mind, let me tell you about the things that make me go, "AAAAHHHH"

[1] I'm thankful that my boys are as high functioning and as highly functional as they are. God knows, and I well know, this could have been a much more difficult road to travel. But, it's not! As Down syndrome goes, the road we've traveled thus far has been an absolute blessing. To continue the traveling analogy... This is not Rome, Italy or Holland. It's more like driving from LA to San Fran on that famous, Pacific Coast Highway in California. Life is good! The view is stunning, soothing and entertaining all at once and even the destination is a beautiful and absolutely agreeable place... San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge, Napa. (Can you hear the "Aaahhh"?) That doesn't mean there aren't a few hairy curves and/or steep cliffs along the way that are easier handled with a well-timed rest stop. I'm just glad I'm on this road. I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

[2] When I woke up at 6:04 AM this morning, I could see the light already brightening the sky. That means we're beginning to turn the corner on winter... and make our merry way into Spring. In my hay day, I LOVED winter sports -- helped me survive the cold -- but I couldn't be happier about Spring coming.... Let the sunshine!!!!

[3] I'm thankful for the beautiful little boxer dog we adopted 2 days ago. Though there are a few health and potty training issues we're working to resolve, she is a beautiful, gentle and great-with-kids-cats-and-other-dogs kind of dog that shows absolutely NO aggression whatsoever. I'm thankful she's with us, and not being abused, neglected or on the euthanasia list anymore. She's a great dog and now she's our dog! Home, safe and sound!

[4] I'm thankful for the issues I currently face. It means I still have choices.

[5] I'm thankful that it's bedtime because I've got big stressful knots in the back of my skull from thinking too hard about everything going on. Gonna take me a Tylenol and close my eyes and let sleep overtake my tired brain. Another day done and I'm here to tell about it. That's a good thing!

Good night every one. Sleep well!

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  1. Great post. You are a great writer. Good analogies. Cute dog, too. You are wonderwoman, I swear. :)