Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was touched this very morning by an angel. As a matter of fact... JUST touched by that angel. As well you know, the boys' recovery from their surgeries has not gone well though I'm hopeful we've turned a corner just last night. As such, when they are lucky or tired enough to sleep, come hell or high water, I let them do so as long as I can keep the other inmates at bay. This morning, all seem content to sleep in peacefully. But, poor Olivia has school and I haven't gotten her there on time since our surgery/recovery fiasco began. So, determined to finally do so this morning, I woke her, albeit a bit late, completely ready to scooch her quickly from morning potty to teeth brushing to dressing to breakfast and out the door in record time. And, I'm proud to say, we did so with no yelling, no tears and no complications. She even had time to feed her fish.

There's only one problem, I can't get her to school with the boys sleeping. Now, I do have my pick of neighbors bringing their children to school who are more than happy to oblige by taking one extra child. The trick is to know which neighbor is going to school for the 8:15 start versus an early-morning-club-start. I find it difficult to keep track of my own children's activities let alone tracking my neighbor's children. To solve the problem this morning, and to reward Olivia for wonderful cooperation, I let her choose which neighbor she'd like to ride with. She chose Nancy, her friend Charlee's Mom.

So, I dialed up Nancy, who knows a bit about our trials and tribulations these past 2 weeks, and I asked her if she could swing by on her way to school and pick up Olivia this morning. Without hesitation, she happily agreed. 10 minutes later, as Olivia and I waited quietly, reading the Wildlife Conservation Magazine (one of my little tree-hugger's favorites), Nancy pulled into the driveway. I ran out with Olivia to greet our friend and help Olivia quickly get into the car.

"WAIT! WHERE'S CHARLEE?" Laughing, Nancy explained that Charlee went to early morning computer club. So, Nancy had agreed to take Olivia to school on her time.... a morning when she actually had a little reprieve from her daily grind... A morning when she didn't have to run off to work but could sit peacefully and, maybe, blog on her own blog. A little peace and quiet split in two by the needs of a friend. Without thinking of herself, she readily agreed to lend me a hand and take my child to school though she'd already made that trek with her own two kids earlier today.

The Angels Amongst Us are truly walking RIGHT amongst us. They wear the familiar clothes of our friends and neighbors. They wave hello as they walk their dog past the house in the evening or pick their kids up at the school yard at the same time I do. With unwavering support, my friends, my neighbors, my Angels Amongst Us continue to renew my faith in humankind. Thank you, Nancy, for your beautiful gift of friendship and this extraordinary act of kindness in my hour of need.

Now, how shall I show my gratitude to Nancy? And, what way will I find to pay this kindness forward?