Saturday, April 18, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY - Being Thankful Whenever it Comes

I should either learn to knock harder on wood and/or stop jinxing myself by saying things are good and will be "back to normal" when.... I'm beginning to think that this IS my normal for now. I can accept that but, boy, it's been stressful.

[1] Thank God my father-in-law is OK and expected to fully recover from his recent death-defying mishap. He'll be undergoing surgery, scheduled for Monday, and can use all the prayers he can get while he goes through and gets over this final obstacle.

[2] I'm glad my boys are very nearly back to being their old selves again (minus the sleep apnea... yeah!). We're not FULLY hydrated yet but we are certainly past the syringe-method of drinking and they've forgiven me that bullying. Thank God.

[3] I am so thankful for the consistent hope I feel regarding the improvement of tough circumstances in my life. I feel like in some of my darkest -- or at least most stressful -- hours, I am gifted rays of hope in some way. I know I'm being cryptic but hope is hope and comes in all forms, shapes, sizes and, often, in a way you least expect it. Hope, in whatever form, buoys me up in hard times even when, ultimately, the outcome is not necessarily what I WAS HOPING FOR. Like now, I have hope!

[4] I'm grateful that through all these stressful times, I've not gained any weight. Easter alone would generally do that to me. Though I've not lost any more (which is what I was hoping for), I've generally eaten "better" than I normally would have, curbed my stress eating (mostly), threw out the jelly beans, left the chocolate bunny wrapped, and have managed to maintain that 8lb weight loss I was bragging about 4 weeks ago. So, when all this chaos and crisis is over, or maybe even in the midst of it, I can go back to Weight Watchers and start where I left off instead of having to start all over again.

[5] I'm very excited and thankful for a good tax return this year. (Yes, we let the federal government save our money for us... it wouldn't happen any other way!) As a result, we are planning some home improvement projects that might just make our home look respectable to the naked eye (LOL). Someday, maybe we'll get to the end of this never-ending home improvement project we call home. I know most homeowners say it never ends but hope springs eternal!

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