Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is written without naming names in order to preserve the privacy of the people involved. But, I wanted to tell this story to recognize the Angel at work amongst us:

There's never really a good time to suffer a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack... aka: mini-stroke). Especially, it would seem, while driving through a foreign city on vacation! However, time, place and company were a stroke of luck in this case. When a TIA happens at home, the sufferer can sometimes go days without assistance and often never seeks treatment... Which severely affects the chances of full recovery and increases the possibility of a repeat performance. As luck would have it, our patient was following family members, one of whom happened to be a newly minted surgeon. Thankfully, their quick action got him to the hospital where he received treatment and is expected to make a full recovery after surgery to clear a blocked carotid artery. You couldn't ask for a better outcome.

Today's Angel Amongst Us? The only name I'm naming... is Max! Helping to order and read test results for a quicker diagnosis, no sooner was the patient stabilized in the local, non-US hospital, when it became apparent that a transfer to a hospital closer to his home was the most desirable course of action. Once again taking the reigns, within 24 hours of occurrence, Max had arranged for a safe, well-staffed and highly-equipped hospital plane transfer. All went smoothly, thanks to Max, and our patient is now safely awaiting surgery in a hospital near his home, with his whole family around him.

Humbly, Max says he did what any one would have done. Honestly, none of us could have done -- so quickly or professionally -- what Max accomplished with ease. I am so thankful that Max was there so that this story can have a good ending. Taking responsibility and making decisions under duress is a difficult thing under any circumstances, never mind when it pertains to life and death matters regarding a family member. Doing so humbly is a gift. Thanks, Max, from the bottom of my grateful heart. Truly!

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